Agenda for the Electoral Strategy Forum

We have an exciting agenda for our next 2016 electoral strategy forum this Saturday, December 5th, from 1-4 pm at First AME at 530 37th St. Please take a moment to RSVP on Facebook and invite your friends. We'll be tweeting about the forum under the hashtags #YouShouldRun and #Strategy2Win2016 from @OakAllianceCA.

We'll have presentations from community groups working on ballot initiatives, talk about what makes a candidate truly radical, and we'll dive deeper into planning our electoral work district by district.


  • Welcome and summary of progress to date: 1 pm

Ballot Initiatives as an Organizing Strategy

  • Presentation from Oakland Rising on lessons learned from Lift Up Oakland minimum wage initiative and group discussion: 1:15 pm
  • Case study from Socialist Alternative on using a single polarizing issue to elect radical candidates: 1:30 pm
  • Presentation from Oakland Tenants Union on their plan for a ballot initiative on rent control: 1:35 pm
  • Group discussion on the approach of using a ballot initiative to motivate and organize voters: 1:50 pm

What Kind of Candidates Do We Need?

  • Group discussion on shared campaign platform for all candidates to sign on to: 2:00 pm
  • Group discussion on what makes a truly radical candidate, and what our expectations are for them: 2:25 pm

Meet Your Neighbors and Organize by District

  • Introduction and instructions for small group discussions divided by district: 2:45 pm
  • Small group discussions of assets and opportunities in each district: 2:50 pm
  • Report backs from district groups: 3:25 pm
  • Closing remarks and announcements: 3:50 pm