Call to Action

The Coalition for Police Accountability is asking the City Council to have only one option: the intake of ALL complaints should be brought only to Oakland’s civilian oversight body: the Citizens’ Police Review Board.

We want Internal Affairs closed to the intake of public complaints of police misconduct.

Come and express support for this proposal to our elected leaders!

April 21 City Council Meeting 5:30 pm
Council Chambers City Hall

If you cannot attend the meeting,
please contact City Council members:

REMEMBER: If you live in Oakland you have an At-Large representative (Rebecca Kaplan) AND a district representative. 

District 1:  Dan Kalb (510) 238-7001 
District 2: Abel Guillen (510) 238-7002
District 3: Lynette Gibson McElhaney (510) 
District 4: Annie Campbell-Washington (510) 238-7004
District 5: Noel Gallo (510) 238-7005 
District 6: Desley Brooks (510) 238-7006 
District 7: Larry Reid (510) 238-7007 
At-Large: Rebecca Kaplan (510) 238-7008
To find your district enter your address here.