Carroll Fife at The Oakland City Council


Good morning everyone. My name is Carroll Fife (or Carol F., however you want to say it). And I’m here on behalf of the newly formed Oakland Alliance. And we represent a broad coalition of the community, of people who are dedicated to working truly for racial, social, and economic justice.  

And we are already organizing to work in our community to hold every single one of the elected officials accountable because we have a challenge in front of us. A very serious challenge.

And we are working in the areas of policing and public safety, economic justice, community and improvements, education and anti-gentrification efforts to keep Oakland’s shrinking black population in Oakland.

We don’t want a situation like in San Francisco, where we’re represented at approximately 5%, because the issues that plague our society are plaguing us from the top down, but the ones that are most affected are on the bottom. And those people are the ones that we are advocating for, and we hope that all these progressive platforms that were espoused during these campaigns are upheld when it’s time to actually do the work that needs to be done.

We’re excited about the incoming, um, councilmembers and the newly elected officials, but we are ready to challenge when you do not – hopefully – do work in the will of the people because they are out there in the streets every day and they are speaking. And what affects the least of us affects all of us. So congratulations and let’s get to work.