Our Mission: We will work together with individuals and groups throughout our communities to implement a People’s Agenda for Oakland to:

  • Improve our neighborhoods, our economy, our schools, our housing, and our environment.
  • End police violence and establish effective, constitutional, community policing.
  • Empower the disenfranchised, particularly people of color, and counter gentrification.
  • Strengthen workers’ rights, socially responsible local businesses, and worker cooperatives.

In order to do this, we will organize or support:

  • Forums, teach-ins, and rallies.
  • Electoral campaigns for candidates that we endorse.
  • Legislative campaigns and ballot initiatives that align with our Agenda.
  • Civil disobedience, non-violent direct action, pickets, boycotts, and strikes.

We will join with other organizations and efforts with shared goals. Our focus is local, informed by the national and global crises we face—racism, economic inequality, poverty, excessive corporate power, government austerity, and the diversion of resources from human needs to military action. We stand against police terrorism in all forms.

Our Agenda: Our Agenda will, along with other issues, embrace:

  • The right to a job, a living wage, health care, housing, and equal educational opportunity.
  • The thorough re-organization of the police and justice system.
  • The belief that the Earth is ours not to own but to keep safe for all species and future generations.
  • The position that corporations are not people and people are more important than profits.
  • A refusal to accept living in and under a security state.

Why Another Organization? Many economic, social, and environmental justice organizations have a home in Oakland. Hundreds of different groups pursue solutions to our problems by various means here. What is lacking is an organization focused on:

  • Putting people committed to economic, social, and environmental justice into power in Oakland.
  • Supporting them and holding them accountable, once they are elected.
  • Advocating for policy and legislation to implement an Oakland People’s Agenda.

Our aim is to fill that void. Being organized will allow us to respond to current developments in the community, the City Council, the Mayor’s office, the School Board, and City Commissions. We will focus on Oakland and also support organizations addressing our issues throughout Alameda County and the East Bay.

We believe everyone deserves and can achieve power over their own lives. We will work for transformative change and the well-being of all Oaklanders. Join us!