Our focus is always on seeking what's best for ALL Oakland residents.

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Police, Criminal Justice, and Public Safety

We believe that safety from violence is a human right that should be protected. We reject the decades of bad policy that have created an over-reliance on policing and imprisonment as a catch-all solution for complex socio-economic problems and advocate a holistic approach to public safety that centers constitutional rights and restorative justice practices.

  • Ban the Box for all employees in the City of Oakland
  • Constitutional policing
  • Restorative justice
  • Civilian oversight of police & community control of police
  • Police out of schools
  • End civil asset forfeiture
  • Comprehensive bail reform to end pre-trial detention
  • Protection from government surveillance & repression
Photo Credit: Mitya Ku

Economic Justice

We envision a world where resources are shared fairly and strategically to ensure that all basic human needs are met in our city. We unequivocally oppose the extreme levels of wealth inequality that plague our City and advocate for a re-redistribution of wealth from 1% to the 99%.

  • Progressive taxation & a city budget that prioritizes the needs of disenfranchised Oakland residents
  • Protection and expansion of social services
  • Affordable broadband for all
  • A Peoples’ Bank of Oakland
  • Progressive taxation
  • Enforcement of minimum wage laws
  • Increase the minimum wage & support for women & POC owned small businesses
  • Community benefits for all new for-profit real estate development
  • Participatory budgeting
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Quality Affordable Housing for All Oakland’s Families

We recognize housing as a human right and demand policies that will ensure that Oakland become an affordable city for working families.

  • Strengthen renters’ protections
  • Inclusionary Zoning
  • Support affordable homeownership
  • Increased funding for land trust
  • Real rent control covering new buildings
  • Declare a Housing State of Emergency
  • Transitional housing for formerly incarcerated
  • Investments in public housing

Excellent Education for All Oakland's Children

All Oakland residents deserve quality public schools, from pre-kindergarten through higher education. We recognize that the public school system has failed many students, especially students of color. We call for enactment and implementation of policies and budget priorities that will bring the following outcomes:

  • All students receive the attention they need to succeed.
  • All schools are well-resourced, clean, and safe.
  • All teachers are well-trained and supported.
  • Curriculum is relevant and broad, empowers students to think critically, promotes social, economic, racial, and gender equity, and prepares students for active participation in a democratic society.
  • Restorative justice replaces punishment and policing.

Specifically, we support the following:

  1. Universal pre-kindergarten programs.
  2. Teachers and other school staff are respected and well-compensated, and their rights and unions are respected.
  3. Smaller class sizes.
  4. A comprehensive, challenging curriculum, available to all students, including music, art, drama, sports, nutrition, and vocational training; equitable provision and effective use of technology.
  5. An end to high-stakes testing that ranks schools, students, and educators based on standardized test scores; until then, support for parents wishing to opt their children out of high-stakes testing – and support for teachers refusing to teach to the test.
  6. Elimination of disparities in discipline practices, sustainable funding and staffing for positive discipline programs, such as Restorative Justice (RJ) and conflict resolution, and expansion of these programs to all schools.
  7. Increased support for research-based programs that raise graduation rates.
  8. A moratorium on approval of charter schools sponsored by charter-management organizations or foundations.
  9. Fully funded wrap-around services for students and their care-givers, including expanded after-school programs.
  10. Restoration of Adult Education programs for all Oakland residents.
  11. Meaningful inclusion of educators, students, and family and community members in District and schools’ decision-making; transparency and accountability from the administration and School Board.
  12. Tuition-free, public higher education and cancellation of student debt.

Environmental Justice

  • No Coal in Oakland - Ban the storage and transportation of fossil fuels in the city of Oakland
  • Protection from air and water pollution, particularly in low income neighborhoods and communities of color
  • Conservation of water
  • Encouragement of use of solar and wind energy
  • Accessible and affordable public transportation
  • Infrastructure for walking, biking, and public transit
  • Fossil fuel divestment
  • Expansion of city trees, parks, community gardens, and open space